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Stauer Flyboy 1916 Mens Chronograph Watch

Stauer Flyboy 1916 Mens Chronograph Watch

The Stauer Flyboy 1916 mens chronograph watch is a limited edition of just 1916 pieces. Stauer has tried to recreate the era of early aviation and air combat in World War 1 and the chronographs used by those early heroes. The case of the Stauer Flyboy 1916 is fused with Rose Gold to compliment the cream dial and brown leather band. There are also gold accents around the dials and on the 5 minute markson the dial face. There are three tachymeters and a moving bezel to measure speed. The interior complications measure elapsed minutes and hours, and oin addition there is a military 24 hour clock.

This is a distinctive watch which looks much more expensive than it’s true price, plus its a limited edition, what more could you want.

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