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Stauer Swiss Military Dive Watch

March 2, 2010

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Stauer Swiss Military Chronograph Watch

Stauer Swiss Military Chronograph Watch

If you are a serious watch collector then this in one watch that HAS to be in your collection. Stauer set out to build the World’s toughest Watch and The Guiness Book of World Records agreed with them that they have.

This is a limited edition watch of just 1000 units. So why is the World’s Toughest Watch, well it can reach a record diving depth of 20,000 feet or 3 miles, as you would be pushed to dive to 1% of that depth it’s probably overkill but at least you know if you drop it over the side of a boat it will be still functioning if you can find it again! Then to show how hard the titanium case is Stauer shot at it with a shotgun and then finally for good measure they attached it to a stick of explosives (along with a Rolex dive watch for comparison) and blew it up. The Stauer survived the experience and was still functioning, sadly the Rolex didn’t make it. So if you are a diver, hunstmans or just play around with explosives for fun, you’ll be pleased to know your watch will take everything you throw at it and keep functioning. Actually as someone who constantly damages watches this sounds like my kind of watch!

Stauer Swiss Military Side View

Stauer Swiss Military Side View

In case you are wondering how this watch is so tough take a look at the photograph of the side view of the case and notice how the back is shaped like a dome to carry the pressure loads, actually the watch is almost spherical with the curved crystal. If you can manage to damage this watch then quite frankly nothing is going to be safe of your wrist.
Highly recommended.

The specifications on this watch are:

  • The movement is automatic ETA caliber 7750 with COSC-certification as a chronometer chronograph
  • 25 jewels
  • A power reserve of 48 hours
  • Solid titanium case and bracelet 46.0mm, Thickness 28.5mm
  • 10mm thick domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • The minute hand is distinguished by its special shape and size from the hour and the second hand which is useful for diviing
  • Hour Minute; Small Second At 9h,Date At 3h
  • Water-resistant to 7,500 Meters or 25,000 Feet)(6,000 Meters or 20,000 Feet & 25% Safety Margin according to Iso norm 6425)
  • Chronograph With 30 minute counter positioned at 12h, 12 hour counter positioned at 6h, central second counter
  • Extra large crown with side-guards which allow for diving with thick gloves
  • Water resistant to 7,500 Meters ( 25,000 Feet; 6,000 Meters or 20,000 Feet with a 25% Safety Margin according to ISO6425)

For more information visit the Stauer website by clicking the logo

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